Supporting the RSPCA Doncaster and Rotherham Branch

The RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre is one of the charities we have chosen to support this year. We are supporting through raising money for the centre as well as donating items for all the different animals – from dogs to cats and parrots or rabbits.

Many of us at Concorde have pets and really, really do love animals, so it was an easy choice to partner with the RSPCA Doncaster who do incredible life-saving work for so many of our furry friends.


As you can imagine with hungry little mouths to feed, the centre needs plenty of food, whether it be wildlife foods, kitten milk, kitten food, dog treats, together with an increase in the need for blankets and bedding.


So, our Good-Egg’s charity team setup a donation station at our head office in Doncaster to collect the essential items the centre needs. In just 2 weeks we filled both the accessory and the pet food bins with so many items, from toys to beds and a variety of pet food.


As you can see, Katrina, Marketing Manager at Concorde, having the best time dropping off the first lot of donations. She met with Mary, Chief Executive of RSPCA Doncaster and Rotherham Branch, as well as a dog available for adoption – Barney.


Katrina said "Barney, the old boy, is such as happy head, it was so hard not to take him home, I can see why so many people want to adopt him."


We have since made another trip to the RSPCA, it seems to now be a monthly occurrence and as you can see, Julie, really enjoyed dropping off our second delivery this year.


For more feelings of joy, look at the other doggos and more at the RSPCA. This is the generic link to the adoption pages where you can then choose to view dogs, cats, or rabbits and smalls. This link will always be up-to-date and will feature the animals as they become available for adoption:


Throughout the year we will be continuing our charity work for the RSPCA including donating items, and in the summer, we are planning to take on a big challenge to raise money for the centres planned kennel refurbishment.


We are proud to be helping the animals in our community and encourage all our friends, family, co-workers and colleagues to also donate directly or follow the link to their Amazon Wishlist which shows items that we particularly rely on for the regular running of our animal centre that you can purchase -


cat at the rspca  doncaster Donations to the RSPCA doncaster Business delivering pet food to the RSPCA Carrying donations through the office Concorde BGW delivering donations to the RSPCA Doncaster cat for adoption at the rspca doncaster Pet toys displayed on a table stroking a dog at the rspca