Concorde's Christmas Charity 2019

This year, instead of taking part in the usual office-wide Secret Santa, we will be supporting KidsOut children’s charity with their Giving Tree Christmas campaign.

The campaign aims to give Christmas presents to vulnerable children who have escaped domestic violence and have been forced to flee their homes leaving all possessions behind. Without KidsOut' Giving Tree campaign these children may not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas.


To support the charity we will be buying presents for the children, but not just any present..... we have each picked from a basket of hanging tree tags which have a child’s name and a gift they would like written on, this way we make sure each child gets something they want!


We then bring our presents into work and one of the Concorde Christmas elves will take them to the KidsOut donation centre ready for them to distribute on Christmas day. 


We believe the KidsOut Christmas gift initiative is a great way to give back to our local communities If anybody is interested in supporting the charity too then check out their website to see how you can get involved - 

Kids Out Presents KidsOut