My job... Ed Leese, 3D Visualiser

Every issue we talk to one of our team to share an insight into their passion for design and role within Concorde.

Unlike many 3D Visualisers, I began my career as an Interior Designer and then found myself drawn towards visuals as a means to push the boundaries of design interpretation. The ability to create photorealistic renders of virtual scenes sparked my imagination and I really enjoy the digital aspect it adds to the design process. It’s amazing how far technology has come in allowing us to create such life-like visuals. It’s unbelievably rewarding when a project is completed and my visuals come to life.

Being an in-house visualiser is a luxury. Having the opportunity to work alongside the designers to bring their visions to life really helps the client buy into our ideas and therefore become more invested in the project. Each render turns a hypothetical scheme into something more realistic and easier to picture.

The ability to create photorealistic renders of virtual scenes sparked my imagination

I’m not sure I have a favorite project as I’m rather self-critical and feel that, with each new scheme, I learn new tricks of the trade. My favorite project tends to be the latest one I’ve worked on. In this case it’s the Foundry Project that we are working on at the moment with Revere Pub Co. Each Foundry site has its own unique regional accent; in Edinburgh we paid homage to the dominant rail history and the forges, and for Harrogate we’ve been focusing on the cotton mills. Both sites have an extensive variety of textures and materials including concrete, original stone and brick work, copper and reclaimed timber. Each needs to be cleverly introduced within the visuals.

What programmes do you use?

Predominently Sketch up Pro, Podium and Photoshop.

Ed has work entered into the Sketch Up Podium competition that will be shortlisted later this year. Good Luck Ed!